Since 2011, I have been spending November to April each year working for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) on Signy Island in the South Orkney Islands, Antarctica. I work as a Zoological Field Assistant on the penguin and seal long-term monitoring programme. Before this, I spent 2.5 years on the sub-Antarctic island of Bird Island, South Georgia, in the South Atlantic.

This blog gives readers an insight into my day-to-day life in the Antarctic, from my first trip south in 2008 to the present day.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Albatrosses and penguins

The Grey-headed albatrosses have returned to breed.

One white-capped albatross breeds with the black-browed albatrosses. Its partner is a black-brow too.

The white-capped albatross.

Light-mantled sooty albatrosses have also retuned to breed.

And these were the first two of my macaroni penguins to return last week. They have been away at sea all winter. Soon Big Mac will contain around 80,000 birds!

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